Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fwd: An Invitation

Hi jai sree ram,

This is a test if new mobile application. I took this opportunity to invite you all to the Patriotic Youth Fete - 2011, 9 am onwards, keshav memorial degree college, narayanaguda, Hyderabad.

Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma !
Sarvam Brahma Svabhavajam !!
Sarvam Aavasyakam !!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Session about Managing Teams and all Wings Digest Presentation

on 6th Mar 2011 a session about managing teams was conducted by Narotham. and it was followed by the fortnightly Digest Presentation by all the Wings of VMYF.

this session was limited to senior members of VMYF

the Digest of Vande Prakruti Mataram was presented by Jagadish and Team

YEP 3 advanced Youth Empowerment for a select few

Punya Bhoomi Trip to Maharastra's Ideal Villages

We visited the Ideal Villages in Maharastra to study the developmental programs undertaken by these villages which turned those into self dependent and prosperous.
The life incedents of Sri Guruji Lavoji Salve the freedom Fighter who inpired tilak etc

A Borewell Uniquely designed with two outlets... Madhavi trying it out...

Panchayat Office of Hevre Bazar Village...onw of the Model Villages that we visited...

Our team going to the hills to see the water conservation pits dug by the Villagers..

exhibition af Village achievements Ralegon Siddhi Village.. very inspiring

The temple build upon the Jeeva Samadhi of Sant Tukaram's disciple...

Our team with our Host at aurangabad...

Doctorji gave a very inspiring PPT presentation about the service activities of Hegdewar Hospital, Aurangabad

At a Tribal village with grass roots social workers...

back to hyderabad... after 3 days...great trip

YEP at TRR Engg College

VMYF conducted Youth Empowerment Program at TRR Engg College, Hyderabad.The response from the students and also the faculty was very good and they felt that such programs VMYF needs to conduct more and more at their College.
The Principal of TRR College alomg with faculty inagurated the this Program

the Volunteers of TRR Eng College who worked hard to arrange this program in their College.

VMYF's Vande Prakruti Mataram in Hyderabad Green Run

VMYF's Green Initiative Wing Vande Prakruti Mataram participated in Hyderabad Green Run at Necklace Road, Hyderabad.
Monal and Suman at the Necklace Road VMYF Stall...

VMYF Team at the venue ....

TV Channels covered our Stall with a lot of interest

The Logo and Banner of VMYF at the Venue Main Stage